Go-To-Market planning & execution is critical to sales success

Whether you are an exciting new start up with a brilliant new idea or a large, established global business – turning your new propositions into profit generating revenue streams is a critical process and one you can’t afford to get wrong. The trick is to do it quickly and cost effectively and with minimum risk.

Proposition creation – it must be relevant

There’s little point in spending time and money on pushing out promotional emails, executing Social Media campaigns, creating brochures or doing any sort of marketing to customers if your proposition falls short of what your customers actually want.

Plenty of businesses don’t do their homework well enough and fail to employ a tried and tested, simple Go-To-Market process that makes sure with a good degree of certainty that your launch will be successful. The pre-launch score card includes having…

  • the right proposition is created that satisfies customers’ needs
  • competitive pricing and packages that still delivers a profit
  • messaging that hits the mark with each key target audience
  • a target list of companies that have the attributes of your best customer
  • an understanding of your competition – their strengths and weaknesses and how to win against them
  • the right sales channels in place and enabled to bring scale and acceleration
  • marketing communications that deliver maximum awareness and lead generation power to meet the business & sales goals

Marv42 can help you build the right ‘blueprint’ for a successful launch

Working with your leadership team, product marketing and marketing specialists, we can help you develop a successful strategy, plan and process that significantly increases your chances of taking your product or service to market profitably.

Marv42 Engagement Models

Marv42 has different engagement models according to our clients’ requirements.  For those clients that simply need to complement their existing teams’ efforts with additional expertise or specific guidance and support in certain areas, we can engage for short, pre-defined deliveries.  At the other end of the spectrum, we can lead the full GTM programme for a specific or even a portfolio of offerings.  This typically involves us leading the strategy and planning phases and then managing the execution of the planned programme using a combination of our own resources and those of our clients’ GTM teams.
The Marv42 GTM process and typical outputs from each of its phases can be seen in figure 1 below


Marv42 GTM planning & coaching Services:

  • Go-To-Market & Marketing consultancy
  • Business coaching & training
  • Sales and Marketing projects
  • ‘Knowledge share’ including best practice and process
  • Find an expert

Planning is key but results rely on flawless execution

Once the proposition is validated through the GTM strategy and planning process, executing the plan to drive sales is paramount.

Experts in marketing

Following the GTM plan Marv 42 employ and work with talented and experienced marketing professionals who can deliver and accelerate sales performance.

Marv42 GTM execution Services:

  • Message mapping – developing the right message for the right audience
  • Target list creation – identifying key customer attributes, data sourcing & cleansing
  • Sales enablement –sales tools & apps, training, coaching & accreditation
  • Sales literature & copywriting – Core presentations and leave behind literature
  • Channel partner empowerment – recruiting, on-boarding and managing the right partners
  • Awareness generation – Social Media, PR, Webinars, events…
  • Lead generation campaigns, Marketing automation, e-marketing, sales calling, events…
  • Web sites and mobile apps – satisfying the needs of your browsers & transactors

Marv42 – think before you do

Being constantly mindful of the whole GTM process rather than executing marketing in isolation delivers better business performance, efficiency and cost savings. Understanding market trends, what supplier attributes customers are now looking for is critical in winning over the competition.

Marv42 works with you to unite and drive the sales and marketing effort towards reaching your desired business outcome and within the boundaries of your available budget – from validating your proposition to enabling your sales team, creating customer awareness and generating leads, we can help support and drive effective marketing.

Marketing expertise from marketing professionals

Every member of the Marv42 team has gained experience on the front line of marketing and sales working in some of the world’s biggest and best organisations. We are familiar with the challenges facing modern sales and marketing teams and the pressures of gaining results from smart initiatives like marketing automation and social media whilst making every dollar count.

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