Modern interactions

An integral part of our daily lives, social media is no longer an afterthought of marketing – it’s the foundations. Social media was designed by the next generation, for the next generation; and they make the rules. This new breed of customer knows exactly how, why, and where they want to engage with brands. Things change by the minute, which means keeping up is a full-time job. To do it well you need someone ‘on it’ day by day, hour by hour as things happen. If you don’t your customers will move to brands and services that react to their demands immediately.


Marv42 can drive your Social Media presence

Our team of experts live and breathe social media; they know the technology, monitor the ever-changing techniques and track upcoming trends. All this gives them the tools to create the most engaging and relevant content for your brand. Always working to improve the content we produce for our clients, we use regular analytic reviews and follow the numbers to find future wins, based on past successes. We really know our stuff and we’d love to help.


Connect to your audience and win more business

No matter how big or small your organisation, we will design a custom social media package that suits your business (and budget) needs; whilst delivering measurable results. We start by understanding your brand, your audience and your goals and then develop strategies to create meaningful connections using Social Media channels to your customers and other audiences. Speak to Lily our social media expert to find out more.


Social Media Services

Whether you’re a newbie to social media, or you’re a total pro who just needs a little advice – we have something for everyone.


SM Setup

Our experts know exactly what’s needed to establish a social presence, create a buzz and most importantly reach your modern audience. Includes:

  • SM Audit
  • Profile page Set up & administrative structure
  • Vanity URLs
  • Logos & Branding incl. custom backgrounds
  • Find & follow 100 industry influencers
  • Set up auto responders
  • Duplicate page clean up
  • And more…


SM Audit

A key element of any social media strategy, a social media audit enables assessment of successes and failures, giving valuable insights and actionable information. Includes:

  • Identify Competitors
  • Examine & Rank Competitors SM activity
  • Insight into competitor’s SM/content strategy
  • Analyse SM landscape
  • Evaluate Top Content
  • Analyse audience engagement and influences
  • Cross-Platform Promotion
  • Page Setup & Branding
  • Social Post CTRs
  • Channel Metrics
  • Top performing posts (categories)
  • SM Brand Guidelines
  • Monthly ROI
  • Opportunity & Gap Analysis

Social Media Strategy

Building on the learnings from the social media audit, your social media strategy lays the foundations for a successful SM campaign, helping you to achieve your goals. Includes:

  • Objectives & Goals
  • Time Allocation per platform
  • Opportunity & Gap Analysis
  • Content Plan
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Brand SM Guidelines
  • And more…


There is no ‘down time’ in this fast-paced, digital world of real-time media. This means your social channels need to be active and engaged 24/7. Slotting social media in between clearing your inbox and daily meetings just won’t cut it anymore. Services include:

  • Full SM Channel Management
  • Community Management
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Writing the perfect content, within each platforms character count specification
  • Responding to customer messages
  • Engaging with customers, key industry influencers, brand advocates and more
  • Sourcing re-shareable content
  • Crisis Management
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Periodic Analytics


Speak to Lily our social media expert to find out more.